In this Page we present to Job Seekers and who are looking for a job some useful information to help them find a decent job. Please find under some Helpful downloads to help you Build your CV also some Web Addresses to find a job.

Hamadeh Job Seekers

 Please find under the educational Back ground of Hamadeh Job Seekers, looking for a suitable Job in Lebanon or GCC.

(Please Notice that the applicant names are hidden for special reasons, but to contact these Graduates, please send your email to: mentioning your request) 

Hamadeh Job Seekers:

1)   (22 years old/ Hamadeh  Male)     Computer & Communication Engineer (CCE) Notre Dam University High GPA . 3.56/4 Academic Honor List, and Academic Scholar ships.
8 months Training In Alfa (GSM) 4 more details Ask for the CV

2)  (24 years old,  Hamadeh Male) 2009_ current BA_ Human Resource Management.  / Modern University of Bus& Sc.s (MUBS), Beirut 
  BA – Banking and Finance/  2008 – 2009 Modem University of Bus. & Sc.s (MUBS) , Beirut                                    

3)     (22 years old/ Hamadeh male)2003-2007 Beirut Arab  University Beirut -Lebanon
            Bachelor of commerce and business administration

 4)      (24 years old / Hamadeh Female) BT3 Agriculture 5 years experience in Gardening and Agriculture in Baakline,

5)     (23 years old / Hamadeh Male)   BT3 in Computer and Accounting (3 years experience as accountant, ) looking for a job here or abroad.
6)       (23 years old/ Hamadeh male) BT3 in Banking and Finance Had a 2 years good Experience as inspector on heavy equipments with Al Jaber In Abu Dhabi 

7)       (25 years old/ Hamadeh Male) 2007:    Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management. 
Lebanese University, Faculty of Tourism and  Hospitality Management. Has 5 years experience in Hospitality and was trained in Famous Hotels and Restaurants                              

8) (44 years old, proffessional accountant and librarian)
Techinical Baccalaureate Certificate - Commercial Science
 General Accounting Diploma
 Bookkeeping Diploma


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